Galleries and collectors want to hang art securely on picture wire. You need an easy, affordable method that complements your work. The Wired Up Art™ hanging system arrives fully assembled and ready to bond to your glass or metal art. Hang up to 10 pounds with the 6×6″ model or 20 pounds with the 12×12″ model.

In the box:

  • Aluminum backing plate, 6×6” or 12×12” (custom sizes by request)
  • 1/16” wire rope robustly attached to backing plate
  • Illustrated instructions (view the Instructions)

Also available: Dow Corning 732 adhesive sealant to attach hanger to glass or metal

Wired Up Art hangers are available at Bullseye Glass resource centers and, or
Go to Wired Up Art online store



    • Supported weight of artwork – 6×6 hanger: 10 pounds; 12×12 hanger: 20 pounds.
    • Wired Up Art hangers are intended for use on glass or metal artwork with a flat back surface.

Products are guaranteed against defects in materials, workmanship, and shipping. Wired Up Art is not responsible for the adhesive bond between hanger and art because we are unable to control the user’s methods and materials.